Love Ever After

An inspiring photo book by photographer Lauren Fleishman that will share the stories of couples married over five decades.

Love Ever After will share the love stories of couples who have been married for at least 50 years. Inspired by a letter my grandfather wrote to my grandmother during World War II (and rediscovered after he passed away in 2007), I began photographing and interviewing couples in the New York area as a way to preserve their stories and to illuminate our universal experience of love.


“April 14th will be our 68th wedding anniversary. That’s right, you heard it! Friends ask me how I managed to get someone like Jean. So I have one expression. I prayed well.”  

Abe Small, March 2, 2011.

I’ve spent the past three years learning about love from the people who know it best – couples whose relationships have met the test of time. Although images from this project have been published in magazines around the world, up until now this has been a self-funded labor of love.  With your contribution and your help, I will be able to:

(1) photograph an additional 15-20 couples

(2) hire a designer to format an inspiring art book which will include these portraits, together with the story of each couple

(3) process and color-correct high resolution scans of the portraits, and

(4) produce a limited edition photo book

This has been much more than a photography assignment for me, and Love Ever After will be much more than a photography book. Please help me to give a voice to these couples and preserve their love stories for generations to come.


“We met when we lived in China. I was on vacation in another town and we only saw each other for three days. We lived very far apart and so, when I returned home, we sent letters. At that time we didn’t even have a telephone! We wrote letters each week but it took about 20 days for our letters to reach each other. We did this for five years.”

Jin Lin Chen, March 15, 2011.


“You have to remember the times were different. We met in the 1939 and we didn’t have money. So our group of friends always met at our friend Betty’s basement. There weren’t things like dates and going out to dinner. We didn’t know from those things because we didn’t have money. So we enjoyed each others’ company. ” 

Fran Futterman, April 25, 2011.


Everyday my wife expresses her love for me. She says, did I tell you how much I love you today? Everyday. Everyday she says that.” 

Moe Rubenstein, August 24, 2008

For Video :

*Everyday I m saying this to myself: I was right even from the beginning about him. Everyday I m waking up to say this “I am lucky woman that I found my soulmate”… Thank you Nikosmos mou  for these all beautiful feelings… I love you and I will love you excitedly like first day…in the future…


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